Awesome Ideas For DIY Table Centerpieces

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Awesome Ideas For DIY Table Centerpieces

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Weddings are very expensive celebrations, but also a once-in-a-lifetime event and you do want to look your best, feel your best, and ensure that everything from the church decorations to your wedding reception is decked in splendor. That’s right, the wedding industry is a huge one and items like flowers and centerpieces can drill a huge hole in your pocket.

The idea is to have a budget for your wedding – of course, you can spend less or more. If you’re thinking about getting that really expensive centerpiece, think again. We have some great ideas on how you can save by creating your very own inexpensive wedding centerpieces.


Create DIY table centerpieces with flower petals

Florists always have spare flowers that go unsold every day. These flowers will eventually meet their expiry date and fade away if not used within a day or two. You can get a good bargain with the florist to buy off those unwanted flower petals in bulk, without cashing out a lot.

Shower a generous amount of petals at the center or along the perimeters of your tables. Or create design with your petals.

Make a triangle or pentagon shaped area in the middle of the table for that extra pizzazz. To make it even more idealistic, place some candles in between the scattered petals.


Share the tasks

Instead of hiring a florist to work on putting together handmade wedding centerpieces, why not gather a few family and friends that serve as your wedding support group to assist you with making all the flower centerpieces that you need.

It will not only be fun, but also help bring together all whom you love at a time that means the most to you. That way, you can also save tons of money on pricey bills from the florist.


Fill in with fillers

As with all weddings, flowers often take up a chunk of your wedding budget. Think about it carefully – if you are willing to spend, then go all out for it. Otherwise, get wedding savvy. There are many creative and innovative ways to save cash on floral arrangements. One excellent method is to use fillers in your floral bouquets.

Just say that you intend to go with sunflowers for your bouquet, include one very big bloom in the middle and surround it with cost-effective fillers such as baby’s breath, snap dragons, or other more affordable buds.

Having the wedding of your dreams is really not far-fetched – DIY table centerpieces are creative thinking and will give you a head start for your “happily-ever-after”!

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