Capture Memories With These Wedding Albums

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Capture Memories With These Wedding Albums

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A wedding ceremony is perhaps the most memorable day in a couple’s life. From the perfect wedding gown to the beautiful reception venue – decorated to perfection. Planning it all is a lot to take in, so it’s very important to try and save all these precious moments in wedding albums.

Wedding Albums Can Capture Lifelong Memories!

A wedding album helps to preserve your memories in beautiful hard copy photos so that you never forget the important moments. It saves the smiles on everyone’s faces, the look on the groom’s face when his bride walks down the aisle and lots more.

Wedding albums can also be used to create priceless memories of the wedding planning itself, like the bride trying out several wedding dresses at the bridal store, and even the couples indecision about having the wedding at a resort, hotel, or beach. You can’t put a price on these memories!

Without storybook wedding albums, these memories that we hold dear and close to our hearts may be lost forever. That is why they are the safest and most efficient way to save pictures, and bring your wedding ceremony to life years and decades later.

Wedding albums come in lots of shapes and sizes and a variety of print options. Your preference could be the type of finishing or even the number of pages. Below are some typical wedding albums.


Flush Mount Wedding Albums

This is one of the most advanced styles of wedding albums in the market. Flush mount wedding albums are the number one choice for professional photographers.

They are often crafted specially with hardcovers and have wide pages where photos are displayed. This type of wedding book is one of the top picks of many brides today. They come in two styles: coffee table and magazine style albums.



Coffee Table Wedding Albums

This one is a unique and stylish album that will give your wedding photos a modern day feel. It is ideal to leave out on the coffee table for your family and loved ones to view. It is often seen as one of the essential elements when decorating the home of a newly wedded couple.

Magazine Style Wedding Albums

These types of albums have full pages and double sided photos that tend to overlap. It is a great way to present your storybook wedding photos. It is a good choice that blends well with trendy photojounalism and vogue style wedding photography.


Soft Cover Wedding Albums

These types of wedding albums are usually more casual and have beautiful pictures on the cover. They are available in various sizes and make a good gift for newlyweds.

Sadly, the quality is not as great as a had cover album. So don’t expect your album to last for decades.

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Matt Cover Wedding Albums

Matted wedding albums are the most traditional keepsake albums for your weddding photos. They come in a variety of colors and has a creative cameo opening for images displayed.

Each page has a stiff cardboard mount for inserting photos. Matted wedding albums usually have slightly recessed frames and each photo is hand mounted.

Also known as reversible albums because you can display your photos in landscape or portrait form. They are a great choice for classic or formal weddings.

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