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Wedding Guest Post Submission Guidelines

If you have a guest post you’d like to share on Lora Akyazi’s wedding blog, we’ll love to hear from you. Our guest post submission guidelines are outlined below.


Types of Guest Posts We Accept

We don’t look out for specific topics. As long as the article pertains to the wedding industry, you are welcome to apply.

The content must be original, unique and engaging. If you have any photos that are relevant to your post, you are welcome to submit it.


Lenght of Your Guest Post

Your content must be no less than 500 words.

Your ‘Author Bio’ should include your full name and a description no more than 2 sentences.

You can link out to a single URL in your blog post. We will usually vet the website to ensure that it is appropriate for our audience. Also, please provide your website or social media account URLs for your profile.


How to Submit Your Guest Post


Complete the form below and we will respond within 48 hours. If approved, you will be given 3 days to submit your content by email.

Submit your content in a Microsoft Word document and attach any images to the email. Below is what we expect in the body of your email:


Author name
Authour Bio
Authors website
Facebook – example
Twitter – example
Instagram – example
Attached Word document
Attached image or video URL


We are not responsible for any broken or incorrect links, so ensure to double check your article before sending.

All guest posts are subject to editorial approval. Bad grammar, plagiarized content or ‘salesy’ language are not allowed.

We will edit the article as appropriate and reject if the errors are too many. Please read through our blog posts to understand our style of writing.

Our Expectations After Your Guest Post Has Been Submitted

After your blog is published, we expect you to share it on your social media accounts and link to it from your website within 48 hours of the post being published. Please send us an email with the URLs.

All posts and sharing should include a reference to