A Quick Guide to Lighting Up Your Outdoor Wedding

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A Quick Guide to Lighting Up Your Outdoor Wedding

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Lighting is always important in any wedding, but it takes on even more significance when you’re getting hitched outdoors. Good wedding lighting will ensure that everyone can see all your beautiful decorations, as well as making sure they can see where they’re going!

It’ll help to elevate your wedding to the next level if you get it right, so here are some tips.

Be Realistic

While it’s good to dream big with your wedding, once you’ve got a venue nailed down, everything else you plan has to be able to work around it.

For example, some venues may have a policy that there can be no open flames, which means no candles. Or they may have limited power sockets, which could make it difficult to light up the space the way that you want to.


Make sure to visit the venue and check things like this out, because you don’t want to get carried away with any great ideas and then find out you have to come up with a new plan at the last minute.

Visit at Night

It’s well and good seeing your venue during the daylight, but it’s when the sun goes down that your lighting is really going to be important, so be sure to visit after dark as well.

Look out for areas that are going to need to be more illuminated than others and consider where you might be able to place generators if you’re going to need them.

Create an Ambience

Lighting is a great way to create an ambience and set the mood for the day. We recommend opting for warm colours such as reds and yellows because these create an intimate, relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

If you’re a bit lost on the idea of ‘colour temperature’, check out this blog for a little more info.


One cool option could be to have lights which can change colour, so you can have them brighter for the meal, so people can actually see their food, but dimmed and more colourful for when the party gets started!

Make Use of Candles

As we’ve stated, some venues may be reluctant to let you use candles, but with an outdoor wedding, you should be ok, which is a relief because they’re one of the best ways to light up your event.


Candles instantly create a romantic atmosphere, so be sure to stock up! Tea lights and lanterns are some of the best ways to display your candles and create a really dramatic space for you to walk down the aisle in.

Statement Lighting

While lighting can be useful in setting a scene, it can also be used as a centrepiece to really make a statement and draw attention to it.


If you were indoors, this could be something such as a chandelier, but outside, one of the best options is light up lettering, such as that offered by Light It Up UK.

They create a real talking point and add a touch of style to the event, all while helping to light up the space, especially once the sun goes down.

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