Top 10 Wedding Venues in Utah County

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Top 10 Wedding Venues in Utah County

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Wedding venues play a major role in the success of many wedding ceremonies. The beauty of the wedding venue selected will look great in your wedding albums and will make an impact on the guests.

A wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience and should be held in a place that captivates and enchants the couple and their guests.


Utah always seems to have weddings for the most part of the year. It could be the love in the air within the region or maybe even the Mormon culture of the area that encourages quick engagements.


No matter the case, Utah is a perfect place to have your wedding. There always seems to be a lot of available options for a venue, catering and even the wedding dresses. Most couples when planning their wedding will often grapple with a lot of information from cakes to decorations and even deserts. If you’re one of these people, then this article can help you sort out one of the things most couples worry about for the wedding – the wedding venue.

Best Wedding Reception Venues in Utah County

1. Log Haven

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This beautiful wooden haven will provide the perfect outdoor experience for any wedding. Located not too far from Millcreek Canyon, Log Haven is the perfect wedding venue for couples that want to incorporate a bit of nature into their wedding.

The haven provides fantastic food choices coupled with an unbelievable scenery for the couples and guests.


2. The Natural History Museum Utah

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The Natural History Museum Utah is not a common choice for wedding planners, but this wedding venue is a beautiful option when looking for a romantic location for your Utah wedding.

The sophisticated and modern architecture of the museum is sure to captivate your guests. This new museum opened just a few years ago and therefore has the ‘new’ feeling to it.

A lot of people make use of the museum for lunch dates and outings, but it can also be used as a fantastic wedding venue.


3. Red Butte Gardens

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This is one of the top wedding reception venues in Utah. It incorporates an outdoor experience and beautiful scenery with the spell of a magical ceremony.

Red Butte Gardens is often used for concerts, but it is sometimes used for weddings. The venue has a certain brightness to it and offers a beautiful view of Salt Lake City. It combines indoor and outdoor options that make it a perfect location all through the year.


4. Tracy Aviary

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Very few people think about hosting a wedding at a birdhouse. But this venue offers a beautiful option for an enchanting wedding.

The birdhouse is located at Liberty Park and is an outdoor venue that is spacious as well as beautiful. The Chase Mill within the aviary is rented out for wedding ceremonies or receptions during the summer.


5. This is the Place Heritage

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This is a unique spot for hosting weddings in the summer, fall, and even winter.

The park will turn your wedding into a sophisticated ceremony. It is an ideal choice for people who want a ‘rustic-style’ type of wedding.


6. The American Fork Amphitheatre

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This venue is ideal for couples that are looking to have an outdoor wedding without breaking the bank. It is one of the most affordable wedding venues in Utah and has a beautiful surrounding filled with lush trees, grass and stone structures.


7. The Blue Ranch Sky

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Like most Utah marriage venues, this is a lovely outdoor wedding environment. Located on the outskirts of the city, this venue is perfect for those looking to get out of town for their nuptials.

The Blue Ranch Sky is located in Wanship, which is a couple of minutes from Park City Utah. This beautiful venue has the most adorable patio space for hosting a wedding ceremony. It also has a lovely barn that is sometimes used for wedding receptions.


8. The Depot

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The Depot has a majestic indoor hall that is used for the most regal weddings. Its large hall used to be the Union Pacific train depot but was renovated to host all kinds of Salt Lake City events. This venue has a true rock and roll feeling to it.


9. The Salt Lake Hardware building

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If you are looking for the perfect venue to host your winter wedding, the Salt Lake Hardware building be a perfect choice.

This wedding venue proves that winter weddings are just as beautiful as weddings held in the summer. It manages to pair summer scenery with a winter feeling and has the most captivating wooden columns and exposed brick that is sure to keep your guests warm and comfy all through the event.


10. The State Capitol Utah

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The State Capitol is the perfect venue for those brides that have been dreaming of a wedding out of a storybook. This castle-like venue is gigantic and has shiny marble floors with historic paintings that will give your big day an enchanted atmosphere.

Utah is a beautiful place to host a wedding and eventhough most of the wedding locations are outdoor venues, there is a host of other options that will suit your needs.

Most couples and wedding planners look to merge beauty and affordability. This is because cost is a key factor when it comes to wedding planning. If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue without breaking the bank, Utah has more than enough options for you.

It is also a good idea to hire a talented event center decorator. A decorator can transform plain looking venue into the venue for your dream wedding.

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