Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Him and Her

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Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Him and Her

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Anniversaries are a special time. It is a mark of reaching yet another relationship milestone with your significant other. Hence, this day, without doubt, requires special attention.

Anniversaries are a time to make your partner feel special and strengthen your bond with thoughtful and romantic gestures. This is why, it is important to give it some forethought and plan something romantic for your partner.

If you are out of anniversary ideas, then this article will help you in deciding on great ideas that will make the day memorable for you and your partner.


Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Him & Her

Wedding anniversaries can be an important event for most couples today. A wedding anniversary present exchange is a tangible symbol of love that gets more powerful with each passing year. It symbolizes that your spouse still occupies a special place in your heart. For this reason, many people want to find the best gift for their partners.

You and your partner should try to remember the very first date you ever went on. It is always a special memory, right from the movie you saw on that date, to the restaurant you ate at and the music that played in the car on your way back.

Even though you may be living hundreds of miles away from the place you went on your first date, you can recreate the magic anywhere, even right in your home. Rent the DVD of the movie you watched, recreate the menu you had that evening and maybe go out for a drive with that same song playing in your car. It’ll be even more magical so many years later.

Make an anniversary scrapbook

This is a good way to relive the years spent together and cherish the relationship on youre anniversary. Make a personalized scrapbook with various pictures of you and your partner, that has been taken since the beginning of your relationship till the present.

Scribble little anecdotes and incidents you two have had- laughs as well as fights. Write down all the romantic as well as quirky things you used to do in thoughts of our partner. You can get as creative as you want here. Your partner will cherish the effort you made in capturing your relationship within the pages of the scrapbook.


Trying a new experience can be better than the old ones!

Relationships are all about sharing new experiences. So for your anniversary, plan to do something you or your partner have never done before. It can be something adventurous like scuba diving, sky diving, river rafting. Or something creative like taking a painting class, salsa class or even a cooking class together.

You can even go to an amusement park together and relive your teenage days. The options are endless. Just make sure to have fun doing whatever you choose.


Simple anniversary ideas for both of you

Something most guys want is a gift that will thrill her. If you can manage it, why not? There are a bunch of great ideas for an anniversary present. Keep in mind, a wedding anniversary comes yearly, so what you can’t get this year, you could get the year after.

Men are one of the most hardest to shop for. The perfect wedding anniversary gifts for him will surely fire up the enthusiasm he has for you. Now is the moment to stun your hubby as well as to show to him how thoughtful you are.

Below are some recommended wedding anniversary ideas for him or her:


1. Flowers

It is one of the most romantic wedding anniversary gifts for your partner. Most people usually love flower and there are a lot of beautiful flowers available today. If you want to create a romantic wedding anniversary event, you need to buy classic roses.

Red and white roses are one of the best gifts for your partner. The combination of these colors always creates a beautiful bouquet. You can buy some of these flowers from the best florist in your area. Bring this bouquet of flower during your wedding anniversary dinner.


2. Romantic CD

When you are looking for an affordable wedding anniversary gift, you can consider a romantic CD. It can help you re-ignite the love between you and your partner. Make sure that you choose the most memorable for both of you.


3. Chocolate

If you are looking for the simplest gift for your wedding anniversary, chocolates are a great choice. There are many types of chocolates, just choose a high quality box. If your partner loves chocolate, this can be a perfect romantic gift for your wedding anniversary.


4. Jewelry

Your partner will be very happy to wear any jewelry from you as an anniversary gift. Beautiful jewelry can help you show your love and can even become a family heirloom.


5. Honeymoon tour package

If both of you love traveling, then you should consider this gift. It’s not only for newlywed couples and can be a special way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.


6. Spa voucher

Spa vouchers can be an interesting gift for your busy partner. When you are planning a time-together romantic wedding gift, you should consider buying a spa voucher. You and your partner can enjoy your spare time by visiting your favorite spa or massage center.


7. Wine

If your partner loves wine, you should consider buying a high quality bottle of wine as a gift. There are some recommended wines that are available today, for example Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many other types of wines. These wines are very popular for their unique and interesting flavors.


8. Love letter

Not many people realize this, but a simple love letter can make a world of difference. It can be a perfect gift for your partner during your wedding anniversary and is believed to be one of the most romantic wedding anniversary gifts ever.

You can write a love letter to express your feelings towards him or her by simply looking back on the years together. Be inspired by your tears and smiles knowing that your letter will improve the intimacy between you and your partner.

Your anniversary is a day dedicated to you and your partner. Take the  day off and focus only on your partner. Switch off your cell phones and spend quality time with each other. Have a quiet dinner together or lie down in a field and gaze at the stars together. Nothing is more romantic than making your partner feel like they are the center of your world.

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